Who we are

    10518341_783070045194_597187745888203468_oWe are Jonathan and Ashley Petzoldt, a husband and wife photography team in Buffalo, NY.  It is a pleasure and an honor to help you along your path in life whether it be capturing a moment in the history of you or providing a vibrant, eye-catching image you’ve been searching for.


My father was a wedding photographer and printer for many years. He taught me so much of what I know and I wouldn’t be doing photography if it weren’t for him. Photography for me doesn’t really have a beginning in my life, I guess it’s always been a part of me. Growing up I was always playing with my toy cameras and loved the concept of being able to preserve a moment in time. When digital cameras became available I immediately started taking photos of everything, literally thousands of photos. I graduated from Buffalo State College with a BFA in Media Production. I know cameras inside and out and love the blend of science technology and artistic expression that photography gives me. I hope you enjoy your photos nearly as much as I enjoy creating them for you.


I’ve always had a passion for art ever since I was little. I have a distinct memory in high school of my photography teacher pulling me aside and telling me I have an eye for photography and I should continue to pursue it. So I did! Photography sparked a joy in my life, being able to show other people the beauty that I see.  I graduated from Houghton College with a BA in Photography and Painting. I’ve been photographing weddings and portraits since 2007 and I’m always growing and learning more. I can’t wait to work and collaborate with you!

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